Rockin’ Town Official Video

Yesss! It’s here! Our BRAND NEW song and video!! We hope you guys like the song as much as we do. We had a great time recording it and shooting the video, a tribute to our awesome city and all our fellow musicians and homies. Please like it if you like it and share! Special thanks to Pieter van der Zwan who did an awesome job on this video (again).
Thanks to: Philipp, Michiel, Zoe, Marijke, Jan-Hein, Djulan, Chris, Koen, Rene, Tios, Zwarte Ruiter, Paardcafe.

Rockin’Town is about The Hague Idiots’ hometown The Hague. It’s also a tribute to this awesome city and to all our fellow musicians, bands and homies. The song is released in the summer of 2014.